Pensam Development draws upon an extensive background in project oversight, renovations, and construction.  Originally founded as part of Pensam Capital’s Asset Management division, it has grown into an end-to-end Construction and Development company.  Led by Dominic Rechichi as Principal, Pensam Development’s focus is to deliver property rehabilitations and development projects that minimize risk, remain on schedule, and maximize value.

Project Evaluation

Our development strategy relies on more than twenty-five years of experience in order to identify market opportunities through top-down and bottom-up approaches.  We strive to practice financial discipline, conservative risk assessment, and flexibility to deliver value to our projects.

Design & Construction Planning

Design and construction planning is directed by Pensam Development project managers and in-house architects. Typical value-add rehabilitation programs are strategically planned and scheduled to correspond with consideration of a property’s operational needs.

Contractor Evaluation & Approval

Contractor evaluation and approval is overseen both on and off site by the property management team and project manager through submission of contract request forms (CRFs) with a minimum of three contractor bids to ensure competition.